Thursday, July 26, 2012

CMT Pep and a Luau

 Cheerleaders from the high school visit to excite our kids. Too bad the C is reversed.
 This weeks 4th grade book talk books.
 Kindergarten materials.

 Preparation for our kiss the pig day.
 Kindergarten watched the book fair video.
 Assigned for shark reports, I erred in previous post, we used the whale shark instead of great white. And note the dot question derived from previous post, to get them thinkin'.
 Theme of book fair!

 Nutmeg book nominees on sparkly display
 Read-in theme is luau, love our library tikis created by our art teacher.

Read aloud for 2nd grade to get interested in sharks.

 Doesn't every library have  a volcano and palm tree?

 Book fair books from video
 Luau read-in! Bring your beach towel.

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