Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sorry - I have been remiss

I have taken a break from posting, but not from taking pictures. So bear with me while I catch up. I probably will be posting pix in reverse order. I do hope to catch up soon as possible even if the year is 9 days from being over!

This is the greatest thing I discovered this year. Photographing my lesson materials for an archive. I can store these digitally or print and file for easy retrieval. This way I can figure what to use for next year or what really should be changed. The above shows the books I read before our annual library bingo session.  Everyone is a winner! I labeled every item that was given away - don't want the books, magazines or trading cards to come back to the library. The books are favorites in getting  grade 1 -3 excited for visiting the public library. The boy who was raised by librarians is notable for inference concepts.

Staff retirement dinner. Everyone loved the year books we provided. Some dating back to the 70s.

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